Accident Towing

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A collision damaged vehicle must be moved so that it does not cause a road safety hazard. If your vehicle cannot be driven from the accident scene, arrangements must be made to have the vehicle towed.

Only certain tow trucks are permitted to tow a vehicle involved in an crash. These tow trucks will have 'TOW' or 'HTT' (heavy vehicles only) number plates.

The drivers, operators and depot managers of these tow trucks must be accredited. Accreditation ensures that the person providing crash towing services is technically competent, of appropriate character, acts with integrity, and provides a safe, efficient and timely service.

A crash allocation system operates for light vehicles (vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of less than four tonnes) involved in an crash in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula (Melbourne Controlled Area), and the Geelong area (Self-management Area of Geelong). The allocation centre is responsible for arranging a tow truck to tow your vehicle. The driver of the tow truck will also be issued with an allocation number.

To arrange to have your accident damaged vehicle towed in to the Melbourne Controlled Area call government allocation number 131176 direct or contact the 24 hour Mercedes-Benz Road Care assistance service by 1800 807 700.